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Beauty Goals Aesthetics

We wanted Beauty Goals Aesthetics to have a logo just as beautiful as they make their clients feel. View the work we did for them at this page!



Additionally, the client opted to add a kiss image within their logo. For consistency, we were even able to go so far as to incorporate this image into their website cursor, to embed pieces of their logo within everything they do. 


Conceptual Design

Beauty Goals Aesthetic Care came to us looking for a logo that would be truly demonstrative of the glamour they were able to add to their clients’ lives. By using a swirling font, we were able to create a beautiful, whimsical image that clients could admire every time they worked with Beauty Goals. 



Ultimately, the logo work that we did for Beauty Goals Aesthetic Care will be hugely transferable. We sent a digital image, images for websites, and a .AI file capable of being resized or edited in an infinite number of ways. Best of all, because LightHouse Graphics partners with an in-house printing service, we are able to get business cards to clients near immediately. This allows them instant gratification through which to experience their logo!