Career 360 - LightHouse Graphics

Career 360

Careers360 markets themselves as a one-stop-shop for education and career decisions. We knew their logo needed to convey their ability to support their clients through every step of their process.



We selected a heavy emphasis on yellow in the Careers360 logo to indicate hope. Careers360 exists to provide hope by giving their clients a plan to move forward and supporting them every step of the way.


Conceptual Design

Arrows in design take on the meaning of what they’re pointing to. We chose to utilize arrows in the Careers360 logo that wound themselves in a circle–showing that Careers360 is there for their clients as long as they are needed. Faige also prides herself on her ability to teach people to transfer existing skills to open positions–and we wanted these arrows to convey just that idea!



The Careers360 is recognized as a beacon of hope and support by all of its clients. We are proud to have created something that tells the world what a great service this client provides.