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Collaborative Security Partners Logo Design

Collaborative Security Partners needed a logo that highlighted the work that they do to ensure quality through teamwork. Check it out, here!

Collaborative Security6



By opting for a more circular font, we were able to create a flowing design throughout the logo, which signifies cross-communication. Beyond that, our work to flip and outline the initial letter in the left side of the logo brings together the imagery of connectedness and working together. 

Collaborative Security2
Collaborative Security
Collaborative Security5


Conceptual Design

When Collaborative Security Partners came to us, they were looking for a logo that truly highlighted their spirit of teamwork and collaborative energy. We were thrilled to use design concepts and lettering to do just that! 



Ultimately, we are privileged to work with clients who opt to use their logo design in a number of ways. To this end, our in house printing options can provide a myriad of options to ensure that clients get what they need, when they need it, without having to seek outside support. 

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