DarkHound Security - LightHouse Graphics

DarkHound Security

DarkHound came to us for complete logo and branding services. Their innovative name lent us a lot of inspiration for where to take their marketing materials!



Given their various levels of consulting services, it was important to create a layout for DarkHound’s clients to quickly compare services in order to determine which best suited their needs. This allowed clients who were still shopping to get a quick view of what they could get by working with DarkHound, which allowed them to transition from leads to clients much more effectively. After all, its critical that we ensure clients aren’t just raising their ability to gain recognition, but that they are monetizing their leads as well.


Conceptual Design

In graphic design, connected lines can really create an impact! When thinking of the interconnectedness of cyber security work, there was no other way to go!  We created a logo that showcased the true “guard dog” mentality of their company.



DarkHound is a true example of what happens when you combine strong functionality with exciting branding and design!