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FMH Engineering Logo

When Fady came to us for help designing a logo, he wanted something simple, but memorable. He wanted to prevent clients from being distracted, but ensure they would call him as soon as the need arose. We think we hit the nail on the head. You be the judge below.

FMH Engineering



We wanted to ensure that this logo transferred well across mediums. To do this, we created the logo in an Adobe Illustrator file, called a Vector, that is infinitely resizable and editable. Once we were positive we could do this, we created business cards and other materials for FMH to showcase their new look! Best of all, we were able to use our in-house printing system to create and ship them to this client right away! 

FMH Engineering
FMH Engineering
FMH Engineering


Conceptual Design

By removing the spaces between letters in the FMH logo, we were able to advertise the business name as a brand. This shifts the perspective of the viewer from focusing on the initials and focusing on the overall business name.



Sometimes simplest is best. The FMH logo is a clean, streamlined design that gets its point across from the moment you lay eyes on it.

FMH Engineering