GTS COSN Flyer - LightHouse Graphics


GTS comes to us regularly for a new flyer to showcase its impactful programs. Because of the work they do to positively impact their community, we feel even more motivated to help them extend their philanthropic reach.



We moved immediately from our client discovery meeting to mock-ups. During mock-ups, GTS selected this direction due to the flyer’s integrated graphics and clear design. They liked the primary colors and clear cut images for simplicity’s sake.


Conceptual Design

In a project like this, we begin with an initial client meeting to ensure that we can see the client’s vision for their product. It was during this meeting that GTS’ true drive to serve their community pulled through. From the get go, we felt honored to work with a client who was so dedicated to giving back to the people who contributed to the success of their business. 



After productive collaborative sessions with our client, our design team went straight to work to create a clear product for our client that they can distribute with confidence!