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Lakeview Law Group Logo Design

Looking for a stunning legal logo design? Team up with LightHouse Graphics! View examples of the work we did for Lakeview Law here.



While we wanted a logo that would correlate seamlessly with the name of the company, we also wanted to invoke some critical messaging through the color choices we made. With blue signifying loyalty and calm strength, we thought it would be the perfect primary color for these sweet clients. 


Conceptual Design

When Lakeview Law came to us, we knew they would need a logo as calm and serene as their presence. The attorneys at this agency just exude an aura of competence and confidence, that we wanted their clients to see from the moment they began interacting with them. 



Ultimately, the logo we created for Lakeview was more than just a pretty image to put on a business card. We were able to use this logo as the hallmark of their website, and build a beautiful series of webpages around the beautiful image.