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Luna Quest

When Ken from Luna Quest came to us, he had a strong idea of what he wanted. However, because he had worked with three to four designers in the past, his logo needed to be made cohesive, in order to be truly representative of his business and the incredible services it provides.



Because of the nature of the security business, it was important to work within safety regulations and compliances while doing this work. We made sure to do our homework on this one to make sure we prevented any undue hassle on our client’s end! At LightHouse, we ensure to find every way we can to make our clients’ lives easier.


Conceptual Design

Ken wanted to extend his branding beyond a simple digital logo. He was looking for something that could be transferred to a lapel pin or a clothing patch. With some resolution changes, we were able to make sure his logo was able to transfer to these desired formats.



Luna Quest is a prime example of our ability to update and reposition your existing branding into something that fits your current needs.