Solar 360 Sales Sheet - LightHouse Graphics

Solar 360 Sales Sheet

Want a fantastic sales sheet that highlights your company’s innate attention to detail? Check out this one, which we created for Solar 360!



Because sales sheets are often the piece of your business that remains with your clients long after your sales pitch has concluded, it’s critical that they be eye-catching and full of cleanly written, easy to access information. To that end, our design team and our content team collaborated to ensure that the client communicated a professional, well-designed image through their sales materials. 


Conceptual Design

Solar 360 is one of Southern California’s leading solar energy installation companies specializing in residential and commercial custom solar installation. Because they offer their clients nothing but the best, we knew it was critical that we offer them nothing but the best in their marketing materials! 



For anyone looking to “make the switch” to solar, these sheets can now provide all needed information, while convincing them that Solar 360 is the best on the market!