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Therapeutica Box

When Therapeutica came to us, they were looking for a design that would help showcase the elements that made their product stand out from the competition. It was important to meet the proper regulations and guidelines to ensure these products stayed on the shelf. 

Theraputica Box



Despite compliance hurdles to maneuver, we were able to create a visually stunning series of product labels that truly showcase the benefits of a product of this variety. Once we checked every box, as far as compliance was concerned, we were ready to create a beautiful design! 

Theraputica Box
Theraputica Box
Theraputica Box


Conceptual Design

Because this design is within the medical industry, our team had a lot of research to do in order to maintain FDA compliance. This means there were specifics that guided all design elements–like font size, and even whether or not we could use italics! Our design team relished the opportunity to work on such a challenging, but interesting project.



Regardless of the level of complexity, the LightHouse team will rise to the occasion. We are always glad to research and learn more in order to provide you with the best design for your needs!

Theraputica Box