USC Annenberg - LightHouse Graphics

USC Annenberg

When the USC Annenberg School of Journalism touched base with us, they were looking to increase their visibility with a well-designed flyer that still retained traditional elements.



Of course, every brochure needs a beautiful cover to entice passersby to pick it up! We combined logos, visuals, and print text to create a cohesive shout out to USC Annenberg. This way, we reasoned, everybody who needed USC Annenberg would be able to find everything they needed in one quick glance. 


Conceptual Design

In line with a Master’s program in journalism, we made the decision to create a clean separation between visuals and texts in this project. This left more room to ensure prospective students could get all of the information they needed. After all, this is one of the most important choices these folks could make–we knew they would want to be amply informed through a well-created brochure! 



Overall, this flyer serves to inform potential students of all that USC Annenberg could offer them, while being visually pleasing to look at.