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Wild Hawk Capital Logo Design

Here at LightHouse Graphics, we know how important a strong logo can be to setting up your brand for success. View the work we did for Wild Hawk! 




Silhouettes are often used in graphic design because they reproduce well. In effect, this type of logo can be transferred to business cards, swag, and anything else, to the same full effect as the beautiful design you see here. Additionally, the font change indicates separate words–to show that Wildhawk, in the case of this brand, is one word.



Conceptual Design

Wildhawk Capital is a loan servicer that specializes in providing loans to insurance agents. Because of their strong business to business orientation, it was important that we created a value-add logo that instills confidence in those both within their industry and without. 



You’ll notice two logo images in the computer on the left. This is to highlight a “dark screen” version of the logo, as well as a light screen edition. With so many users opting for different color choices on the desktop and mobile devices, it is important that we ensure out clients’ logos look their best in all settings!