California Web Design Work Sample – Aimlogic |


Are you looking for a beautiful website to showcase your business? View our portfolio, beginning with the work we did for AimLogic! Check out the way we incorporated their logo into icons and more for a streamlined sense of branding! 

California Baricade Web Design



We crafted this website to host a variety of social media links, in order to allow clients to keep as up-to-date as possible on AimLogic’s work. Because social media marketing is one of the most effective forms of business outreach in our time, it was important to offer clients a way to connect! 

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Conceptual Design

AimLogic has a pretty unique business model! When they came to us for a website redesign, it was important to them that we showcase exactly what makes their business so useful to its clients. In other words, we needed their value proposition evident right from the very beginning. 




We wrapped up the website by showcasing a series of video ads, to make sure that there was never any room for clients to doubt the amazing work of AimLogic! Additionally, because having videos can boost your SEO score, we were pleased to add these to AimLogic’s Internet repertoire.