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Allmax Battery

The AllMax Battery team charged LHG with creating Amazon Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) design with visually rich content to convey their brand story. See how our team powered up to the challenge. 



On this project, we were able to truly work collaboratively with our client. We moved forward by simplifying things. Using the client’s existing video, we crafted branding to match their existing materials with a newfound emphasis on the colors and icons found within their brand. 


Conceptual Design

When AllMax came to us, their website was fully functional, but missing one critical piece. The original website did not highlight the unique place that AllMax batteries serve in their market! These batteries are more durable and last longer than the average battery–their website needed that advertised from the get go! 



Ultimately, we created an Amazon storefront. This meant that instead of creating one storefront design, we utilized the Amazon template to create a variety of image pieces that worked together to create a storefront design. We loved the opportunity to create a new and unique product for this client!