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Arcadia Episcopal Preschool

No website needs to foster trust more than one belonging to a preschool. View the site build we did for Arcadia Episcopal Preschool!

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When parents are looking for a new preschool, word of mouth can be everything. To this end, many sections were created in the website to highlight the opinions of current and former students and families, in order to ensure that potential clients felt comfortable and safe with the services provided. 

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Conceptual Design

When Arcadia Episcopal Preschool came to LightHouse Graphics, they were looking to elevate their website’s look. Not only did they want parents to understand their tremendous love for children, but they wanted them to know about their incredible, play-grounded, research-based curriculum. 



Finally, we worked to design a website that would be playful enough to demonstrate that someone’s children would have the time of their lives, but also professional enough for parents to understand the tremendous academic and social impact that Arcadia Episcopal Preschool is capable of having on their families. 

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