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Association of South Bay Surgeons

The Association of South Bay Surgeons was a complex website build with a variety of different sister sites. Check out our impeccable work here!

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The trick to the South Bay project was to create beautiful websites that highlighted the incredible capabilities of these clients. Additionally, we needed to create a consistent look across the websites without creating duplicate websites or content, which would have negatively impacted their search engine optimization. 

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Execution 1
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Conceptual Design

The Association of South Bay Surgeons came to us looking for a website redesign that would highlight the words that their clients most searched for. The folks at South Bay didn’t want their clients to have to search for them when they were in a crisis, they wanted to be the first result that pulled up, to ensure that they could provide their clients with the excellent standard of care they are known for from the outset of a diagnosis.



From images of the state-of-the-art procedures that clients can avail themselves of at South Bay to blogs and write-ups regarding the highly technical nature of the work that these folks are doing, our content team made sure to send the message that when they trust South Bay Surgeons with their care, they are with the very best.

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