Auvana Website Design - LightHouse Graphics

Auvana CPA

Ready to see a completely functional website that highlights everything your business does well, and then some? Take a look at the Auvana redesign completed by the team at LightHouse Graphics!



Although people typically think of their accountant as a stuffy guy in a suit, the folks at Auvana wanted something different. With some creative imagery, and bright colors, we were able to reinforce the idea that this accountant was not your father’s accountant–he was personable, empathetic, and excited to work with his clients! 


Conceptual Design

When Auvana came to us, they were looking for a beautiful website that changed the paradigm of what people thought of when they envisioned accounting services. They showed something trendy and cool, not just a swarm of outdated spreadsheets. 



Ultimately, the gentleman behind Auvana was so pleased with our work that he continued to work with us for additional services. There is no better reward for our hard work than your continued partnership!