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Awakening Worth

You won’t meet a kinder client than Janet! When she came to us to redesign her website, we were excited to embed her core values within the design of her website. These values show, more than anything, that her clients can trust her to meet their best interests above all else.



With Janet’s speaking career in mind, we needed to develop a site that would allow us to showcase some of the best work. We knew that if just a ten minute meeting with Janet could leave us feeling upbeat and inspired, the whole web needed to hear from her!


Conceptual Design

In design, the color green signifies growth, optimism, and relaxation. We wanted Janet’s clients to feel at ease and empowered–after all, she is a motivational speaker! Janet has spent a career cultivating the hearts and minds of women in business, and we wanted her website to showcase her beautiful mission perfectly.



The two elements of Janet’s website, implicit design and thoughtful development elements, combine to give readers both a conscious and subconscious impression of all of the good that Janet can bring to their lives.