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Black Swan Analytics

Curious about what a truly technical, and service-oriented client’s website can look like? Look no further than the work we did for Black Swan Analytics!

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This client selected the colors black, white, and orange for their site. Although orange is often associated with creativity, it can also be associated with danger and alarm–exactly what Black Swan is trying to prevent by providing their innovative services to clients. This orange accent served to make Black Swan’s message appear urgent, without making the website overly busy.

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Conceptual Design

When Black Swan came to LightHouse Graphics, they were looking for a landing page that would showcase the services that they could offer to homeowners who were the victims of profit-seeking insurance companies. They wanted to take their highly technical, research-based language and information, and distill it to something that could be understood by folks both inside and outside of their industry. 



Finally, our content team jumped in on this website build to ensure that the language was laser precise. Each section was meticulously edited and researched to ensure that the client’s true message was disbursed to their leads.

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