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Body Enhancement

The Body Enhancement website is a prime example of the marriage of beautiful, inspiring images and crisp layout. We knew that by combining these two elements, we would create an intrinsic advertisement for cryoskin services that nobody would be able to resist.



In the early phase of development, it was important for us to streamline the user experience. Users needed to be able to get straight to the information they needed, in order to benefit from Body Enhancement the moment they were interested. We knew a sleek, easy to navigate interface would best serve Mike’s needs.


Conceptual Design

When Mike, the owner of Body Enhancement Studio, came to us, he wanted his website to look as good as his clients do after a cryoskin cycle! It was important to create a website that highlighted his experience while still making sure visitors could get accurate, research-based information on his services.



In the end, the product spoke for itself. Users can navigate the website quickly and seamlessly while enjoying the beautiful design throughout.