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California Barricade

We wanted the California Barricade website to look as professional as possible while highlighting their commitment to excellence. Check out our work!

California Baricade Web Design



Also important to this project was emphasizing the work that California Barricade does in the urban market. With this in mind, we put a picture of the city front and center, as a subliminal reminder of California Barricade’s potential to clients. These little touches can say everything about a website without having to use any undue text.

California Baricade Web Design
California Baricade Web Design
California Baricade Web Design


Conceptual Design

When California Barricade showed us everything that went into their work, we were amazed! They are true safety experts. Their website needed to highlight the work that they do, as well as the dedication to safety that helps them rise above the competition. 



Because California Barricade also sells equipment for people to implement their own safety procedures, it was also important to offer them a website that offers a seamless sales transaction. This ensures clients follow through the sales process from start to finish.

California Baricade Web Design