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Catalina Sea Camp

Want to see a website that showcases the extraordinary work being done by Catalina Sea Camp? Look no further! 

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As SEO experts themselves, another priority for the Catalina Sea Camp team was ensuring that their website was completely optimized for Google. When someone looks up an ocean-based summer camp for their children, we want this to be the exact option that comes up in the results! 

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Conceptual Design

Catalina Sea Camp is one in a series of children’s programs run by an incredible organization called Guided Discoveries. It was very important to them that their websites have a similar feel and navigation, but be wholly unique. In other words, users should both know that they are viewing website content from a Guided Discoveries organization, but should feel confident that they are on the page that best suits their needs.



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This website truly came to fruition as the result of a heavy amount of collaboration across our departments. From development’s commitment to creating a functional, user-friendly site with embedded portals and more, to the work our marketing team did to ensure they ranked in the searches, this project truly showcases the work our team is collectively capable of.