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Creative Construction & Design Web Design

Looking for a new website for your creative business? Look no further than LightHouse Graphics! View an example of our work here.

Creative Construction



Creative Construction + Design is known for their incredible custom house renovations, and it was critical that we create a portfolio on their website that highlighted just that. Not only are portfolios great for prospective clients to get a better understanding of your work, but they actually help your website appear higher in search results. Double win! 

Creative Construction
Creative Construction
Creative Construction


Conceptual Design

When Creative Construction + Design came to us, we were thrilled to know that we would get to begin with their logo and end with their finished website. There’s nothing like a start to finish project to get the creative juices moving! 



Additionally, because Creative Construction + Design offers a niche, high-end service, we wanted to emphasize things like the process they utilize and the way in which they build relationships with their clients. To that end, our marketing team got to work creating perfect, optimized copy for the site! 

Creative Construction