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Escape the Place

Escape the Place called for an exciting, mysterious website design. View how our team used color and graphics to manage just that!



Additionally, because Escape the Place allows guests to book directly with their service, it was important for our development team to create a complete experience for the client from beginning to end. This allows clients to manage their experience from becoming interested to finalizing their tickets for a booking. 


Conceptual Design

Escape the Place is a business aiming to create an intriguing experience for their guests.When they came to us for a website design, it was important to create a site that could entice folks to come and try the adventure without giving away the entire plot. 



Ultimately, this website serves as a strong example of the work that LightHouse Graphics is able to do for your website, if you are looking to market business to client. From inception of strategy to finalizing your website to maintaining your monthly marketing efforts, LightHouse Graphics has your back!