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Fernald Law

Fernald Law is passionate about providing their clients with cost-effective, individualized, victorious legal services. We were passionate about ensuring their website conveyed their strength and commitment to excellence.



Our content team worked night and day streamlining the content for the website to ensure that Fernald’s message of efficient, accurate work was readily available to all visitors of the site. We wanted their clients to know exactly what they were getting when they chose to work with the folks at Fernald. 


Conceptual Design

When Fernald Law came to us, they had a massive website full of information. Although we wanted their clients to be aware of the expertise their attorneys held in their fields, we didn’t want that message to get lost in the shuffle! 



Additionally, the experts at Fernald decided to add a touch to their website that few other law offices have. The Fernald Law Group’s digital law library highlights legal tips and tricks for clients to take advantage of. This was a great way to advance search engine terms while lending a helping hand to Fernald’s clients!