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HR Kangaroo - Custom Web Application Development

Looking to provide your clients with a reliable and secure Internet experience? Look no further than a SaaS development project, with LightHouse Graphics! 

Kangaroo SaaS Application4



Meant to help HR departments streamline their services, the program we customized for HR Kangaroo combines a variety of applications and tools that have been unified through a singular platform. Rather than having software to request time off, another to manage training, and more, users of HR Kangaroo can utilize this software as a one-stop-shop, of sorts, for their human resources needs.

Kangaroo SaaS Application1
Kangaroo SaaS Application
Kangaroo SaaS Application3


Conceptual Design

There are various applications that you have to download and install on your desktop in order to utilize them. That is not the case with SaaS. SaaS projects, like the one we built for Sarah Chang’s HR Kangaroo, allow people to utilize a specific software through a website browser.



In the final iteration of this platform, users can manage employees, manage their records, and manage payroll. Additionally, employees can use their side to view evaluations, ask for time off, and do more. Ultimately, software like this helps companies achieve their objectives, which is one of LHG’s true passions. 

HR Kangaroo