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HST Technology

HST Technology came to us looking for a gorgeous website. Think we lived up to the task? Make your judgment here, at our portfolio! 

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With this in mind, it was critical that we put our best folks on the job! Our content team is highly collaborative and reached out to the client immediately to begin collecting content. This content is filtered through a variety of lens to ensure it is absolutely perfect by the time it gets in front of the client. 

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Conceptual Design

You’ve heard it before: content is king! No matter how beautiful or user-friendly your website may be, if a potential client cannot tell what you are trying to sell them or how they can access your services, they are unlikely to follow through with a transaction. For this reason, it was critical that everything we created for this client be clear, concise, and optimized for search engines. 



HST Technology is revolutionizing the way that we do healthcare, and we are proud that we got to revolutionize their business. By creating a beautiful portfolio and website, we can ensure that everyone who sees this page knows that they can trust HST! Thank you for trusting LightHouse Graphics! 

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