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Jimni Systems

Jimni Systems needed a sleek, usable website for their clients to interact with! View the work we did for them here, at our portfolio!

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Additionally, Jimni serves as a strong example of the work that our development team is capable of. We were able to create a link from the Jimni Systems website to the Indeed website, so that folks can view a company snapshot, learn why to join Jimni, view available jobs, and apply to join the team! This helps Jimni use their website as a client onboarding tool and a recruiting tool all in one. 

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Execution 1
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Conceptual Design

Jimni Systems is a pump and control specialist providing a diverse array of services to Southern California. Because of the diverse array of services that they provide, it was important to segment their website into a variety of options for clients to know where to go when they were ready to avail themselves of the services needed. 



The final element we added to the Jimni website was a section for news and events, including video updates from the company. These videos, in particular, serve to help clients connect to the industry, and more importantly, to Jimni! 

Execution 2