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Lakeview Law Group Web Design

Lakeview Law needed a clean, classic web design that showcased all that they were capable of doing for their clients. View the final product here!



By adding clearly delineated sections to the homepage of the website, we were able to provide potential clients a sort of “at a glance” view of the services offered by Lakeview Law. From there, users can be directed to a lead form in order to express their interest in working with Lakeview Law! 


Conceptual Design

The folks over at Lakeview Law provide an incredible range of services to ensure that when a client needs help, they can provide it. With that in mind, they needed a website that would provide eye-pleasing, clean navigation to any of the services clients were looking for. 



Not only was the web design of this project important, but the color choices were critical. The base color in the Lakeview Law website is blue. In design, blue signifies authority, integrity, intelligence, peace, and loyalty–all important attributes for a law firm!