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Malissa Schayes Photography

Sometimes, your business is yourself! Check out the work that we did to help Malissa Schayes brand her fabulous photography work for the booming business that it is.

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This project started with design and content. The design team partnered with Malissa to select a look for her landing page that would allow for her to maintain working digital galleries, without cluttering up the look of the layout. Likewise, content worked with Malissa to craft clear, concise messages stating her love of photography. The team also worked to help Malissa select the perfect images to market her services. 

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Conceptual Design

For this project, we created a landing page. If you are unfamiliar with this idea, a landing page is supposed to generate leads by clearly advertising the service being provided–in this case, the service was Malissa’s excellent photography work. 



Then comes development! Our development team worked to create a gorgeous landing page for Melissa, and to optimize all of the images included in the original build, to ensure that site speed remained flawless throughout the entire user experience. 

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