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Menlo Micro Systems Website Design

Menlo Micro Systems is breaking switch technology barriers that haven’t been touched in over 25 years. Their website needed to show why it’s the most important technological innovation in electronics since the transistor. (No pressure). See how our team crushed the challenge.

Menlo Micro Systems



Since a whopping 40% of all web traffic these days comes from smartphones, we knew it would be critical to design a website that showcased Menlo Micro’s incredible product in a mobile-compatible platform.

Menlo Micro Systems
Menlo Micro Systems
Menlo Micro Systems


Conceptual Design

When Apolonia and Chris came to us, they were looking for someone who could conceptualize, website design, and develop a custom site to showcase the world’s smallest, fastest, most reliable mechanical switch.



These clients were passionate about creating a website that built credibility in order to build strong investor partnership. We were pleased to showcase their innovation and brilliance in a unique site, built just for them! 

Menlo Micro Systems