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Nihon Kohden

When OrangeMed came to us, they were looking for complete website design and branding. We were thrilled to partner with them to create a website that addressed their parent agency but still kept their individuality and high-tech products at the front and center! 



Due to the large number of products that OrangeMed wanted to showcase, we created pages that allowed users to view all items at once and then click into additional details. This streamlined the user experience dramatically.


Conceptual Design

Because OrangeMed has a parent company, Nihon Kohden, it was important that we create a design that was modernized but still consistent with their parent branch. Visitors needed to know where the root company existed, but be able to identify OrangeMed as a standalone operation. 



As creative as our company is, sometimes constraints bring a fun element of challenge to a project! This is a prime example of a project where our team worked diligently to ensure that we maintained client vision through the end!