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Old Bull USA

OldBull USA is a clothing brand for champions and we wanted their website to convey that! View our work on our portfolio!

Concepting 1



With an eCommerce project, it was critical that our development team get right to work creating features like shopping carts and checkouts. Our marketing team looked for ways to describe the fashions in fun, search engine optimized ways. This will help users find what they need and our client find more business! 

Development 3
Execution 1
Concepting 2


Conceptual Design

OldBull USA is a fitness lifestyle brand on a mission to support and encourage mature athletes. They needed a beautiful website that would show off the high-quality and unique nature of their fitness apparel products. 



The best part of the OldBull USA website is that because OldBull does so much more than simple clothing sales, we were able to create a platform for them to continue their message. From their regular fitness events to their weekly podcast, this new website will allow them to spread their ideas far and wide. 

Execution 2