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Second Dinner

This client, Second Dinner, came to us wanting to completely change the face of their company via their website–we were excited to rise straight to the occasion! Additionally, it was absolutely important to showcase the talent within their company without creating sections that overpowered the rest, since every single thing they do is so utterly fantastic! 

Second Dinner



We wanted to make Second Dinner stand out from the crowd! With a heavy use of pink and black along with some unconventional fonts, we were able to create a product that captured their essence while remaining uniquely them. Check out their website to see if you think we’ve hit the mark! 

Second Dinner
Second Dinner


Conceptual Design

Second Dinner came to us looking for our help to create a beautiful public face for their company. They hoped to use their website for PR purposes, staff recruiting, and to connect with potential partners.



The Second Dinner website showcases our ability to create something playful, yet professional to retain client voice.

Second Dinner