SuperKlean - LightHouse Graphics


When the folks at SuperKlean came to us, they wanted a website that maintained consistently high SEO rankings with a clean, fresh look. Check out our work! 



Additionally, because of the modern, eco-friendly touch behind SuperKlean, it was critical that we create a website that showcased this feature and appealed to the type of client who would be interested in such a product. We had to create a strong Internet presence for this team to showcase their supercharged products. We certainly think we did–but you can be the judge here, at our portfolio! 


Conceptual Design

SuperKlean is a force to be reckoned with, and not just because of their excellent product. These folks consistently rank in the top result in Google and it was critical that all of the work we did for them kept them there. After all, we want to know that when their clients look up cleaning products, they can rest assured that SuperKlean will be right there! 



With a perfect product lineup and a beautiful website to match, the folks at SuperKlean were ready to continue their Google domination–but this time, in style!