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TCI Striping

TCI Striping showcases our design and development work all in one. Check out this, and other websites, on our portfolio!


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A critical piece that our development team needed to put together for this client was the quote feature. TCI wanted clients to know exactly what to expect, as soon as possible, in order to generate a higher volume of lead conversions. This ensured that they would be able to close more sales, as time went on. 

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Conceptual Design

As warehouse suppliers, TCI Striping wanted a website build that looked utterly professional while still being friendly enough to fit into the context of the industry. In other words, they needed to be professional, but approachable. The layout of the design is everything to obtaining this type of goal. We created sections to clearly delineate that a client was looking for but titled with more responsive language, as an example.



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Ultimately, the TCI website offers a place for users to get a quote, contact the business, and learn everything about what TCI provides. This seamless client experience is the goal of every site project LightHouse puts out!