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Terin Dumas & Company

Looking for the perfect business to client website? Check out LightHouse Graphics to see the perfect design work that will get you leads every single visit. 

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For this project, our graphic design team worked closely together with our content team to ensure that this website was a work of marketing wonder. Every client, no matter whether they are residential or industrial, can fall in love with the work that Terin Dumas and Company do on a regular basis. 

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Terin Duman
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Conceptual Design

When Terin Dumas and Company came to us, they were looking for a beautiful website that would appeal to an appropriate client persona. It was important that they take their beautiful, HGTV-worthy services and bring them down to every client who might be interested in working with them. 



One of the highlights of this website was a scrolling text header that showcased the company’s values. It was important for these folks to show off exactly what made them, them, and this graphic design element allowed us to do exactly that. 

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