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The Law Offices of Glew & Kim

The mission of the folks at Glew and Kim is to ensure that clients enjoy a personalized experience that they can’t get just anywhere. When working with these folks, we were tasked with creating a website that would convey just that. 

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Another thing people need to see when selecting a prospective lawyer is a track record of success. This can be found in the sample outcomes page, in which we’ve outlined many of these fantastic attorneys’ previous cases for their future clients to learn from. 

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Conceptual Design

One if the most important things to do when preparing a legal website is to ensure that clients have a quick look at what types of services the attorneys at any particular practice are the best versed in. In the case of Glew and Kim, that’s marijuana law, criminal law, and family law. We wanted a website that showcased this information right from the get-go. 



Additionally important in conveying authority is providing resources that allow those looking to learn more about the law a place to find answers. To this end, you will find informative sections throughout this website, ready to show viewers exactly what impressive folks they have the opportunity to work with. 

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