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Therapy Abroad

One of the best parts of our work is learning about the cool work that some of our clients are doing. This definitely includes the folks at Therapy Abroad! 

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When putting together the Therapy Abroad website, the team had to design an applicant portal that allows folks to track their application status. This ensures a more relevant user experience for those looking to apply to work with Therapy Abroad and a more streamlined evaluation process for those hiring from within. 

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Conceptual Design

As you’ll learn, from the moment you click on their homepage, Therapy Abroad is unique! As a program all its own, Therapy Abroad exists to send therapists and counselors in training to underserved communities. This ensures that the folks who need therapy the most receive it, and candidates get a diverse range of experience! 



The final version of the Therapy Abroad website is something that anyone would be proud of! With stellar design and a trustworthy user interface, this website will help contribute to the longevity of the program for years to come. 

Executing Therapy Abroad