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Tivoli Lighting

Tivoli Lighting prides themselves on their strong customer service and we wanted their website to showcase just that! Check it out on our portfolio.



Ultimately, one of the most tremendous pieces of this product was the catalog that our marketing team created with Tivoli. From product descriptions, to image tags, and more, each listing on the website was carefully curated for search engine optimization to create the perfect result for those searching for custom lighting work. 


Conceptual Design

Tivoli Lighting provides a custom lighting service, complete with consultation and installation! It was critical that their website showcase all of their amazing products along with the capabilities that Tivoli enables them with. 



Finally, the Tivoli website needed to house all of the materials their clients might need to accurately use their products. To this end, we created a document library that users can access to pull specifications, measurements, and installation guides for their convenience.