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Tomi Engineering

Just because you’re working in a technical field doesn’t mean your website has to be boring. Check out the work we did for Tomi Engineering!



At TOMI, they have a dramatic capacity for machining, assembly, programming, additive machining, and deburring. Because of this, it was important to create a capabilities page that showcased exactly what TOMI was capable of. Additionally, TOMI’s website includes a gallery that with a page that showcases TOMI’s work over the years. 


Conceptual Design

TOMI Engineering is a CNC machine shop that manufactures components for aerospace, defense, commercial and medical industries. As such, it was important that their website be highly technical, to convey authority to the right audience, but still eye-catching enough that the company felt personable enough for clients to trust their business to. 



Users looking to work with TOMI can use their website as a catch-all for everything they might need! Whether its equipment or quality assurance work, TOMI has their clients’ backs and their website shows just that!