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Beginning a website can feel like a daunting task: between choosing and registering a domain name, choosing a theme, and beginning the configuration process, it may feel like there are miles between you and your site launch. One of the most important choices you will make during this time is which content management service to use. Simply put, your content management service is one of the middlemen between you and your clients–this middleman’s job is to provide you with the building tools to create a well-constructed and easy to use website. If you are debating what to manage your content with, we at LightHouse Graphics recommend WordPress.

With over thirty percent of websites worldwide opting to utilize WordPress, including major players like the New York Times and PlayStation, WordPress is considered one of the best platforms out there. Read on to discover what makes WordPress the perfect home for your website.

WordPress is Free

Although there are many costs associated with launching and managing a website, WordPress does not charge you to build on their platform. This is because WordPress is an open source website, meaning that its product is free and available to all users.

Opting for a free content management system will open room in your budget for other priorities. Explore your options with a web marketing agency or a premium hosting service, in light of your newfound budget increase.

WordPress is Highly Customizable

Plugins are what allow you to customize your site to your specifications. They can add translators, custom text boxes, and more to your site. With more than 50,000 plugins available, WordPress is a virtual smorgasbord of options. 

If you’re not versed in plugins and extensions, never fear. WordPress’ customization features can still appeal to the non-technical among us. WordPress is also home to thousands of different themes, or templates, that can give your website the exact look that you were hoping for with minimal effort on your part.

Should you find a theme that is close to your needs, but does not have every element present in your vision, never fear! These themes can be customized. You can change the colors, the logos, the content, and the background to your heart’s content. 

There is a misconception that WordPress exists only to serve blogs and personal websites. This simply isn’t true. WordPress is home to all of the tools you need to serve the needs of business websites, directories, knowledge bases, and more. 

WordPress is Search Engine Friendly

If you’re looking to build a website for your business, odds are, you have Google rankings in mind. Google rankings are a series of algorithms that exist to determine which websites get the most visibility in website searches. With features like SEO-friendly permalinks and optimized images, WordPress is one of the friendliest options out there for boosting your site. In fact, most search engines have a preference for WordPress and this preference allows you to more specifically optimize your search terms to get the right people to your website.

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WordPress Has a Variety of Business-Friendly Features

If you are looking to begin a business website on WordPress, you’ll be interested to know that they have a variety of features available to those looking to increase their client base and provide quality service to their existing clients. From managing schedules to hiring new staff members, WordPress has a way to ensure that your website handles all functions of running your business, without losing any of the formatting or beautiful design to which you have become accustomed.

Appointment Scheduling

For medical offices, dental offices, cosmetic services, and other businesses that operate from an appointment system, WordPress is ideal. They have plugins designed to allow clients to book appointments directly, saving you the time and money of managing it all. 

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Job Portals

If you are looking to expand your business, you do not need to look to outside options. Add some convenience to your life by selecting a plugin, such as the WordPress Job Manager. You can manage job listings and potential new hires can apply directly through your site. 

CRM System

A CRM, or client relationship management system, is integral to tracking customer data. Looking for a way to view all of the quotes, invoices, and transactions by client? WordPress has a plugin to enable you to do just that! 

LightHouse Graphics Can Manage This For You

Although WordPress is known as one of the easiest to navigate systems on the market, this can all still seem overwhelming! It is more than a full-time job to create a website, service a website, and manage all of the content and design within that website.

There is no reason for you to stress this alone. LightHouse Graphics offers managed hosting options, in which we manage all things to do with your website. For example, we can handle your WordPress updates for you–this means never having to worry if your plug-ins are up to date or if that tricky video in your “Testimonials” section still runs as smoothly as it did the day you launched the site. Additionally, as a managed host, we take on things like nightly backups, and regular maintenance. We even have an in-house support team capable of offering expert-level advice on all things to do with your website! 
Offering a full spectrum of services, LightHouse Graphics is here to support you in your advertising and marketing endeavors. Contact us today to further discuss your specific needs and learn how we can help you.