What is Workplace by Facebook?

Workplace is an internal collaboration platform by Facebook that uses familiar tools such as instant messaging and groups, and has a generally similar layout to Facebook. Workplace is revolutionary in the manner that it combines ground-breaking technology and user-friendly features to vastly improve the communications, workflows, and cultures of a wide variety of companies and organizations. Accounts that are set up on Workplace are not linked in any way to the more personal Facebook accounts of users, so there is no need to worry about your personal information being scrutinized by your colleagues. So why is Workplace making such big waves in the industry?

Its association with Facebook

One of the main factors that have helped Workplace stand out among other internal collaboration platforms is the important ties it has to Facebook, a social media platform that is utilized by a huge number of active users all around the world. Since Workplace possesses the familiar and user-friendly interface that made Facebook so popular, it has proven to be a formidable competitor in the industry. The end result is an internal collaboration platform that combines the features that have proven popular in other similar platforms with the popularity of a social media platform giant. With the integration of new and out-of-box features, Workplace could potentially overtake some of the giants offering similar services.

The pricing is just right

Using Workplace is inexpensive. To kick things off, companies can sign up for a three-month trial, before proceeding to paid usage, which costs up to $3.00 per user per month. Companies are not required to pay for users who have signed up on the internal collaboration service but are not active during the course of the month. There is also a free Standard version of Workplace, but it lacks the robust enterprise features of the paid version.

Workplace by Facebook is accessible by mobile or desktop

You can access all the functions of Workplace by Facebook on both your mobile device and desktop. This is very crucial considering that interaction with co-workers currently goes beyond the computer, and there is an increased desire to keep in touch over mobile devices. As a result, the appeal of Workplace is magnified due to the effortlessness of accessibility.

Workplace has undergone extensive testing

The uncertainty that comes with using first-run software is unappealing to enterprise users. The knowledge that Facebook put Workplace through extensive tests before it was launched is nothing short of comforting. Currently, Workplace is being used by more than 20,000 organizations and has proven to be quite effective as an internal collaboration platform.

The central experience offered by groups

One of the most popular features of Workplace is the groups. These are great channels through which employees can discuss topics that are specific to the group description. Additionally, individuals can become group members only via invites. Consequently, employees can share information freely without having to worry about unauthorized workers accessing the group.

The chat support and news feed features provided by Workplace

Another interesting feature that comes with Workplace by Facebook is the chat support that allows employees to communicate with each other through instant messaging. Conversations through this channel are conducted away from the main group hence maintaining privacy. You can share a wide range of content, including files and text messages.

Newsfeed is a feature that borrows the ubiquitous concept of Facebook, with similarity in how users are provided with the latest information on the happenings within the group. Just like chat support, news feed also supports an extensive range of content.

The live video services

The live video function available in Workplace is a great channel through which employees can document what is happening in their surroundings in real time. Other employees can then leave comments or share reactions, further enhancing the collaborative experience. One great way companies can use this feature to their advantage is by making announcements or to provide product updates.

The practical search feature

Workplace by Facebook is equipped with an efficient search feature that allows users to find old messages from colleagues, old files, and other content shared via the platform. This feature comes in handy when employees need to retrieve crucial information and they don’t want to comb through endless irrelevant data.

Final Thoughts

Workplace by Facebook is well on its way to becoming one of the biggest players in the internal collaboration industry space. Since its official launch in October 2016, Workplace has undergone numerous upgrades to improve general functionality, and more and more companies have adopted it as the main platform where their employees can share work-related information.

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