5 Logo Design Basics You Need to Know

Did you know that many children can identify the logos of companies before they can read the name of the actual company? That’s how important a good logo design is.

If you’re starting a company that you want to be so successful and well-known that a three-year-old can recognize it, continue below to learn more about logo design basics. 

1. It Needs to Be Clear 

 Have you ever seen those posts where someone’s font choice seems to change the message’s meaning? You don’t want that to happen with your logo. All the words and the title of your business should be clear, no matter what angle you’re looking at it from.

Your logo is your first impression as a company and your first opportunity for brand recognition. Making sure your customer can identify what your brand is named is the first step! Our designers will help you find the perfect font for your logo that expresses your company’s personality while being easy to read. 

2. Colors Make a Difference 

When it comes to your logo, the colors you use will impact how your customers perceive your company. It’s likely that you already have specific brand colors. In that case, our designers will help you pick the perfect combination of them to get your message across. 

But if you don’t have brand colors yet, you may want to look at simple color psychology. The color of your logo should match the kind of action you want your customers to take. For example, many fast-food restaurants have red and yellow in their logo. Both of these colors encourage action and even impulsivity, which works for many fast-food chains.

You can find a simple explanation online or consult with our designers to see if they have any suggestions for a good color fit. 

3. Make it Simple 

 Even if your full company name is seven words long, your logo should not be. At the very least, the main text of it shouldn’t. Think about the big brands you know that succeed in marketing. Most of them are one or two-word titles, like Target or Sam’s Club. You may want to think about leaving your sub-heading or description out of your logo so that people can focus on your primary company name.

4. Make it Scalable 

This tip goes along with the previous one. Maybe you have one long-version logo, with your full seven-word company name. You won’t always be able to use that, which is where scalability comes in. 

To explain that concept, let’s use the same examples from above: Target and Sam’s Club. Both of these companies have full and small versions of their logos. Target uses the bullseye symbol when there isn’t enough space for the full company name, whereas Sam’s Club sometimes just uses “Sam’s” for short.

Having smaller versions of your logo will not only help with brand awareness but can make content creation easier, as well.

5. Professional Design is Worth the Investment 

When you’re starting a company, it can be hard not to cut corners, especially when the corners all seem so expensive! But your logo isn’t a place you want to skimp on – it’s the face of your brand.

 If you want people to take your brand seriously, you should consider hiring a professional logo design company, and we’d like to be that company for you. Learn more about us here.

Let LightHouse Graphics Help You with Logo Design Basics 

Logo design is more complicated than the five bullet points explained above, which is why we recommend hiring a professional logo design firm. We understand more than the logo design basics, and we’ve made logo design our bread and butter.

We’re here to help. Schedule a call to receive a consultation on your next successful business logo today!