How to Choose the Best Web Marketing Agency in Orange County

There are so many venues to host your marketing these days. You can opt for social media marketing via platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram. Furthermore, you can try pay-per-click marketing, email marketing, content marketing, or even boosting your business in the rankings by improving your search engine optimization strategy.

Digital marketing agencies exist to streamline this process for you by strategizing a marketing plan that highlights the strengths of your business while staunchly supporting any remaining growth areas. With this in mind, we realizing that choosing the best web marketing agency for your business is no simple task. Read below to hear the best tips we have to offer for selecting the best digital marketing agency in Orange County

What Do Web Marketing Agencies Do?

Marketing is a very fluid science. In other words, your strategy will need to change regularly based on exactly what you are trying to accomplish. If your brand targets youth, you’ll want to consider advertising via Snapchat and TikTok. On the other hand, if you are targeting a more professional audience, you might tailor your strategy toward LinkedIn.

Web marketing agencies exist purely to strategize and execute such marketing moves. Hiring a digital marketing agency Orange County will allow you to focus on managing your business, and not on what gets posted on your business’ Facebook.

digital marketing agency in Orange County.

What Metrics Matter to Digital Marketing Agencies?

Because marketing is such a socially based science, it can be hard to quantify whether or not a web marketing agency has been successful. However, like every strong business, a capable marketing firm will have metrics to share with you. There are a variety of metrics that matter in the digital marketing world.

Number of Unique Visitors

Frankly, marketing is a tough industry to gauge success in. While an agency can boost your likes on Facebook, if those likes aren’t translating to leads, then they just aren’t doing enough. One way to look at whether or not an agency is gathering potential leads is to examine the traffic of their sites. Are they seeing spikes in unique visitors? This is always a good sign! 

Time Spent on Site

The number of minutes that users spend on a website can deliver vital information regarding what users do on a site, and whether or not they are likely to make a purchase. Check out your agency’s statistics on how long users are spending on their sites. (Page speed can also impact this metric, which is why a full-service agency with a web development team is always a good choice!)

It’s critical to create a website that people want to spend time on and to create such a website, you need a marketing agencies Orange County that is uniquely prepared to develop the eye-catching design and brain-teasing content to draw in your audience.

Bounce Rate

The final metric you’ll want to ask about when you interview potential web marketing agencies is the bounce rate of their websites. The bounce rate indicates the percentage of visitors who immediately leave your site. If visitors are jumping ship immediately after visiting an agency’s site, the content is likely not relevant to them. 

Choose a web marketing agency that can show its strategy for building client-relevant content. Ask what their plan is for creating web copy that jumps off the screen, and blog content that both go after SEO keywords, but also moves your business efforts along. 

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