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Assurance Solutions Logo Design

Sometimes concrete, visual design elements can be the most effective. Curious about how it looks? Check out the Assurance Solutions logo design!

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The use of contrast between blue and gray allowed us to convey the lines in the mountains, while still leaving white space to create an open, people-forward logo design. We wanted folks’ eyes to be caught on this logo straightaway.

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Conceptual Design

When Assurance Solutions Services came to us looking for logo work, we wanted them to feel confident that anyone who saw their logo would know they could trust their business to them. From this, the concept of strong, contrasted mountains began to emerge. 



Like with all of our logo work, LightHouse Graphics is pleased to offer in-house printing services with overnight shipping options. This allows you to get everything you need done with our company, rather than having to take mock-ups to a printing shop and add steps to your already busy day! 

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