Strategies Professionals Use to Promote Their Blogs

10 Strategies Professionals Use to Promote Their Blogs

In order to be a successful blogger, you should think and act like a marketer. While it is common to focus almost all of your energy on writing great content and completely forget to promote it, the success of a blog does not solely depend on your design, words and branding; though they are important as well, there is so much work that goes into promoting the blog. The following are 10 strategies professionals use to promote their blogs and generate organic traffic. Try these strategies for your blog as well!

  1. Get Google-Friendly

Optimizing the content of your blog is vital. This is because most people get to your site through the search engine. Google being the largest search engine, being able to get their attention leads to more traffic for your blog. To become Google-friendly, your content should be optimized around a specific keyword that appeals to the visitors and should be properly included in the blog’s body and title. Take time and learn about content themes, keywords and search engine optimization (SEO) which will help you rank higher in SERPs (Google Search Engine Result Pages).

  1. Be consistent with your posting

Though it requires a lot of organization and hard work, successful blogging requires regular contact with the readers either via social media channels or through your site. This means blogging more often, at least one time a week. Also set up a blogging schedule and follow it. This helps the readers to know when to expect to hear from you. You should never disappear for weeks without an explanation or post irregularly.

  1. Build relationships with other bloggers

Just like in business, networking is key when it comes to blogging. You should get out and get to know your blog idols, ideal readers and other influencers either virtually or in person. Put up a list of top bloggers in your niche and rub shoulders with them. You will not only learn a lot but also leverage your work with bloggers who are already successful in your field. Also, consider leaving comments on other blogs to help you build your own online presence.

  1. Make it easy for readers to share your content

Enabling other users to share your content on social media sites particularly Facebook, Twitter, instagram among others is an effective way to promote your blog. It enables you to connect with readers and showcase your products and services. Sharing your content on social media sites also provides a steady stream of traffic from those who are subscribed and even those who are not.

  1. Make Your Blog a Multimedia Experience

Blogs with embedded videos and pictures are likely to be shared more compared to those with plain text. Therefore, in order to attract more readers to your post, you should include video clips in your post as well as images.

  1. Create a Facebook or LinkedIn Group

Not everyone will use the search engines to look for your blog hence the need to create social profiles on different social media sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook. Choose a profile picture and fill in the other important details. Now fill up the page with regular posts with links that lead readers back to your website.

  1. Run a Contest or Giveaway

Nothing can be compared to staging an event to attract attention especially if the event is an award winning. You can go about this in many ways including naming a winner randomly or taking nominations then give away goodies or throw a bash. Ensure the reward is intriguing enough to attract attention but more importantly, it should represent your brand.

  1. Build an email list

Together with posting your content, you can send the content directly to the readers. To do this entice your readers to subscribe to your blog or the newsletter and use the email addresses to posts directly to their email inbox.

  1. Be Active On Social Networks

Besides creating social media sites, you should remain active and engage your readers by answering their question and informing them every time you post new content.

  1. Create useful content

There is no point of applying all the above strategies but not creating compelling content. The key to successful blogging is offering useful content to the readers, something that educates them, move them or helps them to solve certain problems and not slamming them with any marketing content. Upon doing this you will be able to gain traffic almost effortlessly.

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