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6 Reasons to Start Using Facebook Business Manager

If you actively run a Facebook business page for your company or client, it’s quite possible that you’ve heard about Facebook Business Manager but have never really understood how it works. Business Manager is a tool to provide an easier, hassle-free way for companies to manage multiple pages, ad accounts, and user roles all from one centralized location.

Although Facebook Business Manager was originally designed and developed for large agencies and companies, small businesses and organizations can also benefit from this powerful resource. If you’re not sure how the tool can work for you, check out these 6 reasons to start using Facebook Business Manager.

  1. Keep Your Business Separate from Your Personal Profile

If your business has been on Facebook for a while, chances are you may still be managing your business page with your personal Facebook account. Tired of wasting time switching back and forth between your personal account and business account? Ever accidentally posted something personal on your business page or as a business liked your own post?

Those days are long gone.

You no longer have to manage your pages and ad accounts from your personal profile. Facebook Business Manager allows you to keep your personal life and work life completely separate.

  1. Easily Manage All Features from One Centralized Dashboard

With Business Manager, you are now able to easily access and manage your pages, ads, and people from one centralized dashboard. It simplifies the process of having multiple pages and ad accounts.

Facebook Business Manager helps streamline the management of your business page while making the entire process more secure, fast, and highly efficient.

  1. Have Better Control

From the centralized dashboard, you have the authority to assign pages and ad accounts to your team members, and this includes giving each one of them different access levels depending on their specific requirements. This minimizes security risks, as each user will have their own login. You also get to see who is working on what, all from a single location.

For instance, you can assign the Page Admin role to one of your team members, who will manage all the aspects of the business page, and the Page Moderator role to another member whose main responsibility will be to respond to and delete comments on the page.

  1. Monitor Progress and Get Reports

Because Business Manager has built-in analytic tools, you can easily view and analyze the performance of your ads and even get comprehensive reports of the various assets and people that your business is responsible for. This can eliminate the need to purchase expensive and possibly inaccurate performance-monitoring tools.

  1. Provide a More Secure Way to Access and Manage Pages and Ad Accounts

Rather than sharing your main login credentials with your employees, the tool allows you to provide each one of them with a unique login. This eliminates the need to share one login with each member of your team, so you can rest assured that your account is fully protected from unauthorized use.

  1. Easy and FREE to Set Up and Use

It only takes a few minutes to set up a Business Manager account. All you have to do is head over to the official Facebook Business Manager website here and create an account free of charge. The site is easy to navigate as well.

Facebook Business Manager is an easy, hassle-free, and cost-effective way to manage your business page, ad accounts, and user roles on Facebook.

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