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Best B2B Marketing Strategies to Boost Your Business

Content marketing has become a veritable tool for B2B marketing in recent times. Although it takes time and effort for this marketing technique to produce tangible results, there are strategies that can improve your results in 2017 and beyond. These hacks can help you reach your target audience more effectively and improve your conversion rate.

Upgrade Your Content and Provide In-depth Knowledge for Your Readers

In 2017, you should create content that real people will love to read and not just food for search engines. The lure of achieving rapid SEO success is still strong given that with a few tricks, you may be able to rank high in a few months. But that success will be short-lived. A strategy that will continue to work in the years to come is to offer in-depth articles that contain at least 2500 words. Instead of struggling to create new content, you can do content upgrades. Essentially, these upgrades could contain new attachments to old articles that have performed well in the past. You could also offer checklists, worksheets, videos and PDF versions of new posts.

Create More Multimedia Content

You can easily improve your content marketing today by dedicating time for more video and audio content. Engage your B2B customers with interesting and informative multimedia content. In addition to producing high-quality video content and uploading to sites like YouTube, you should also do live videos periodically. Use videos to deliver tutorials, product presentations, and FAQs to create a rich marketing mix. Investing in SlideShare presentations, webinars, podcasts, infographics and other forms of visual content will help you to achieve deeper engagement with your clients.

Improve Your Website Traffic With User-Generated Content

Research has shown that most customers and prospects are more likely to buy a product when it is recommended by a friend or colleague than due to brand popularity. This means that the most persuasive content today will be created by users instead of brands. That is why it is essential to apply this time-tested strategy that has worked for B2C marketers. You should encourage your customers to post comments, photos, and reviews to your website and social media platforms. Invite your customers to share their opinions and content on all your brand’s channels and also on other review sites that customers are likely to visit for independent brand assessment.

Engage in Micro-targeting and Personalization

To enhance your content strategy, you should segment your market based on demographics and consumer data. After segmenting the market, apply personalization by sending out focused messages that are targeted at a particular market segment. This will deepen the relationship you have with your prospects. Although it requires a certain level of technical expertise to accomplish, personalization is not a hard method to use and it offers more reliable results than sending out generic messages to all prospects. Essentially, you need to tailor your message to suit the taste and needs of your audience.

Use the Interactive Rule of Seven

The interactive “Rule of Seven” is a concept that can help you to guide and inform your audience with your content until they finally buy your product or service. In essence, your prospects need to have at least seven specific interactions with your content and brand before you introduce them to a paid product or service. The main purpose of the initial series of content pieces is to educate your leads using engaging high-quality content so they can trust you. For instance, with email marketing, you should offer your prospects a set of emails with educational and useful content first before bombarding them with product offers. This means you should design a workflow that your marketing team can use to create the seven contact points.

Applying these B2B marketing strategies may require a substantial amount of effort. But they will produce more consistent results and conversions if you apply them diligently.

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