Check Out These 5 Unique Social Media Marketing Ideas

Check Out These 5 Unique Social Media Marketing Ideas!

The impact of social media for businesses cannot be underrated. But with millions of audience members, there is no one-size-fits-all marketing approach. Effective social media techniques and strategies are as diverse as the people to whom you market your goods and services. While creating a social media profile for your business is relatively straightforward, knowing how to launch a marketing campaign and run it can be quite intimidating. Here are 5 unique social media marketing ideas that are helpful.

  1. Create and post useful content

One of the most effective social media marketing strategies is one that balances content creation and content curation. When content creation is done correctly, it will give you a strong, positive reputation, more readership and increased web traffic. If you cannot create the content yourself, consider outsourcing to a professional content creation service such as LightHouse Graphics.

Also, ensure that you post content that is relevant to your audience. To be sure of this, occasionally ask for content requests from your followers and keep their suggestions in mind when creating new content.

  1. Pair your post with relevant images

Adding images to your posts is not only fun, it helps to inject some movement and personality into the posts. Since the brain picks up visuals 60,000 times faster as it does text, adding images to your post will grab the attention of your followers faster.

To create your own images, play around with different formats of visuals on social media including graphs, Gifs as well as infographics. In case you share an image that is created by another person, always add a link to the original image and give them credit.

Also, consider posting memes. Though they may sound silly, they create a great opportunity to share fun content with your audience. Just look for a popular meme that fits your business, create a personalized caption, and share it.

  1. Portray authenticity, add your own voice to the post

Though it cannot compete with originality, adding personality to your posts is one of the best ways of connecting with your audience. You can achieve this by:

  • Stating your opinion
  • Asking questions or
  • Adding a personal greeting

If your business has a logo, mascot, office decoration that represents the business or even a pet, you can use it in all your social media posts as a sort of recurring character so that your followers will recognize it easily.

  1. Have employees or customers take over the account

Having the same people running the business’ social media accounts daily means it can begin to get repetitive but changing it up by having different employees or customers take over occasionally will help spice things up. To choose a follower or customer to take over your account, host a contest or promotion and allow the winner to take over. They can post their favorite content including how they use your products and services. sBesides keeping the account interesting, changing the administrator of your social media accounts can be really beneficial in building engagement online.

  1. Build Communities Around Actionable Hashtags

Hashtags are a way for social media users to tag their post to keywords which make it easier for users to search and social networks to organize.

Hashtags can also be used to build communities of loyal followers and brand advocates. The greatest strength of this technique is not due to the fact that hashtags can be implemented easily but because similar hashtags can be used across different social media platforms. This allows you to cross-pollinate your message throughout several social campaigns offering your followers a cohesive experience no matter where they interact with your business.

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